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Sing! 2023 –
Travel to Apeldoorn & transport options

From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

By train to Central station Apeldoorn :
Intercity to Enschede, approx. 70 minutes, approx. € 20.00.
Intercity 1751 (direct) or Intercity 1649 with 1 transfer in Amersfoort.

By car:
100 km, 1 hour 15 minutes / A4 – A10 – A1 – N302 – N344 – Loolaan

Car rental at airport:
From all major providers: approx. €160 to €180 per car for 3 days, 4 persons.

From Eindhoven Airport

By train to Central station Apeldoorn :
Intercity to Alkmaar, approx. 1 hour 40 minutes, 2 x changes in Utrecht and Amersfoort, approx. € 25.00

By car:
1.5 hours, 112 km / A 2 – A50 – A12 – A50 – N788 – Arnhemseweg – Loolaan

From Rotterdam

By train to Central station Apeldoorn :
Intercity to Groningen, 1 x transfer in Amersfoort, 1 hour 40 minutes, €23.00

By car:
1 hour 45 minutes, 125 km. N471 – A20 – A12 – A28 – A1 – N344 – Loolaan.

From Enschede

By train to Central station Apeldoorn:
Intercity to Schiphol, no transfer, 1 hour, approx. € 17.00.

By car:
85 km, approx. 1 hour 10 minutes. N737 – A1 – A50 – East Veluweweg – Loolaan

Transport options in Apeldoorn

Bicycle rental: approximately 200 NS bicycles are available for rental from NS Station Apeldoorn. You can borrow the bicycle with a personal OV Chipkaart & subscription, a bicycle costs € 4.15 per 24 hours.
Many hotels and most holiday parks in Apeldoorn and the surrounding area also have their own bicycle rental. Expect approx. € 10 to € 15.00 rental per bicycle per day. If you have the opportunity, it certainly pays to bring your own bike!

Afbeelding met tekst, illustratie

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving Parking
Orpheus has its own parking garage. Rates for us have been set for 2023 at: max. 12 hours € 7.00, max. 24 hours € 10.00
Exit tickets can be ordered in advance through our registration or collected at the counter of the Theater.
Other parking options: there are sufficient parking options. In 2022, costs will vary from €2.90 per hour in the ‘outskirts of the city’ zone to €3.35 per hour in the city centre. Apeldoorn has no P&R areas, but you can park cheaper in a few places. See:

Taxi met effen opvulling Taxi
There are several taxi companies in Apeldoorn. At a later stage we will include contact details in the Festival app.
Cost example: from Oranjehotel in Hoog Soeren to Orpheus Apeldoorn = 10 minutes / 6.5 km. Costs for a taxi for 4 people approx. € 22.00.

Public transport 
(bus connections) in and around the city of Apeldoorn: See the map below.
Find the address of your hotel/accommodation and see which line goes to Orpheus (top left of the map). Many city bus lines stop at Orpheus / Grote Kerk.
You can pay on the bus with a public transport card (“OV chipkaart”) or buy a ticket (pin only).

Bus connections in and around Apeldoorn – click for bigger map

More transport information & links

For up-to-date information in March 2023 regarding car traffic: see

For up-to-date information in March 2023 regarding petrol prices, etc.:

For up-to-date information in March 2023 regarding public transport: see

For up-to-date information in March 2023 regarding train travel: see

NS group travel: discounts are available for groups when travelling together to 1 destination. This is possible from 2 people. The discounts are considerable: with a group of 7, a one-way ticket is only € 6.30, from any station in the Netherlands to any other station in the Netherlands. For group tickets see: