Als een lopend vuurtje… Fyra

Fyra heeft het lopend vuurtje gekregen van LinQ. Zij stelden de vraag:Hoe hebben jullie het mixed zingen ontdekt en hoe werken jullie verder aan jullie groei. Hoe zien jullie repetities eruit?”

Hoe wij mixed zingen hebben ontdekt…

For Liz and Anne, singing in a mixed quartet was always an option ever since we started with barbershop. Jens and Reile were originally more interested in men’s & women’s quartets, but were thankfully both open-minded after taking part in some European Harmony Brigades, and a few years of seeing some great mixed quartets at HH & BinG conventions.

Onze repetities

Our rehearsals usually begin with a lot of messages in our Whatsapp group. ETA updates and complaints about traffic or train delays, followed by some catching up and warm-ups as everyone arrives. Lately we’ve spent a lot of rehearsal time working on our performance plans for both contest and repertoire songs. So there’s usually a lot of discussion about interpretation and some complaining about having to express emotions (not looking at any particular bass clef). We are still refining our rehearsal techniques and we try to balance developing our own skills for identifying what we need to work on most, against working with coaches. We usually end with some chat, a bit of admin and planning for the next rehearsal, and maybe a beer or two 🙂

Passion in Harmony

For Fyra, passion in harmony is about having fun together and improving together; whether performing, rehearsing, learning or getting coached, watching top-level quartets & choruses, afterglowing & singing tags or road-tripping to events in the Fyra-mobile.

Fyra – Liz, Jens, Reile en Anne