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28+29 March 2025

In 313 days:

  • Over a hundred national and international singers will be waiting for their chance to shine
  • Is the expert jury ready to be amazed by the performances
  • The hall is packed with an enthusiastic audience to cheer on the quartets and choruses

And you want to be there!


Would you also like to do contribute in the organisation or as a volunteer during the convention? Please contact convention manager Yvonne van Schaik. Together we can have a look at how you can contribute!

Updates Sing!

Update April 2024
Spring has started and at the moment the sun is shining and I see all happy faces. Now that might be different when you read this article, but positivity is definitely in the air!

Registrations have started
But that’s probably because registrations for Sing! are open on March 28! 2025 for HH choirs and quartets has started. And it’s going crazy! We are happy to report that we already have 12 choir and 12 quartet requests, including a few requests from abroad.
In fact, the first real registration comes from Sweden, the quartet Beyond. Good news and this gives the Sing! Team even more energy to make it another wonderful convention. For those who do not yet have an application form, you can request it via: And do it quickly! Because from 28
Next April we will also invite all non-HH choirs and quartets.

Also accessible to non-barbershop choirs
And this year, thanks to our diligent communications team, we are also going a step further. We have a first here in the Netherlands: we are also going to make our convention accessible to non-barbershop choirs! We will do this using press releases and social media and of course we will also contact the Apeldoorn Choir Federation, for example.
write to. The Festival Stage gives them a great opportunity to ‘give it a try’, but they are also welcome to take part in the Open competition on Saturday 29 March. And if you also sing in another non-barbershop choir, throw a ball about it…

Still a lot to figure out
While we are all busy getting the applications in, the Location Team is busy with preparations on location. This team consists of Ragnhild van Dijk and myself, Yvonne van Schaik. We are busy with the singing rooms, catering and decoration. We also look at the technology, for example we find out how much
microphones we actually really need now. Of course we are supported by the ‘old hands in the profession’ because without their experience it would be a complex job. On the day itself we already have some volunteers who will support us, but more volunteers are welcome! Think of ushers, couriers, etc. You know us
email address:

Just share!
Fact of the month:  actually more of a question of the month, for you! There are many conventions taking place in the coming months that most of you will likely attend or participate in. How nice is it to draw the attention of the choirs and quartets you meet there to our convention!

Sing! 2025 convention manager

Update March 2024

It’s going to be “convention” again!
Sometimes wisdom comes with time. Or is it just the freshness of spring that made us realize that we have a communication problem.
On March 1, the entire Sing! 2025 Team together in Orpheus to get to know each other better and go through all tasks. It soon became apparent that there was a misunderstanding in the barbershop world: our Festival was not seen by everyone as a convention with a competitive element. After much deliberation, we have therefore decided to revive the festival in its old guise, and from today we are talking about the Sing again! 2025 barbershop convention.

Team meeting in Theater Orpheus
So this monthly update comes from your Sing! 2025 convention manager. And with pride, because during the meeting in Orpheus it turned out that we do not just have a group of volunteers to organize the convention again in 2025. The team is full of enthusiasm, driven and very knowledgeable. As a convention manager I feel in good hands.
After a short tour through a now empty theater, ideas began to bubble to the surface. We received an update from all teams and each update raised additional questions that we are now working on. We were quickly able to tick off various components, such as the extra singing space for choirs, the menu for the convention and the decoration of the stage, and we made sure that there was sufficient light for our 6-member jury. In the near future we will continue to introduce the teams in this newsletter and share more tips and information.

Registrations begin
I have a few more important announcements for this month. This month the new Holland Harmony website will go live, and then we will also open registrations for the quartets and choirs. An important milestone and also a bit exciting. Although, the first registration has already been received, the Spellbound barbershop choir from Cyprus, so we already know who will bite the head off.

Program Sing! 2025 | Sing! 2025 program team

The program is broadly known. We start on Friday with the semi-finals of the quartet competition. We end this day with the new Festival Stage and an afterglow.
The choir competition will be held on Saturday. There is a competition for all Holland Harmony choirs and an Open competition for international choirs and choirs that are not affiliated with a barbershop organization. The final for the quartets will also take place on Saturday. No fewer than 6 Holland Harmony and 6 International Quartets will sing in the final next year! We conclude with a Show of Champions and of course the afterglow.

A bonus for Sing! 2025 is also when an evaluation will be given for all HH choirs and quartets. For the quartets singing in the final and all choirs this will be on Saturday and for the other quartets on Friday.

Contest Rules | Sing! 2025 competition team

As with every convention, the Contest Rules have also been revised this time. We derive our Contest Rules from BHS and we often adopt changes from them. For example, groups of 9 people or more (including the conductor) may also participate. Or that a quartet that reaches a final place is not allowed to repeat songs from a preliminary round of the same competition.

The regulations for Sing! 2025 will soon be available on our new website!
For questions regarding the Contest Rules or qualification for BHS, please contact