Holland Harmony Competition 2019

The Holland Harmony competition 2019 consists of five contests:

  • Female Quartet contest
  • Male Quartet contest
  • Mixed Quartet contest
  • Female Chorus contest (12 singers or more)
  • Male Chorus contest (12 singers or more)


Dates and time

Friday 29 March 2019         Quartet Contests (female, male, mixed)

10:00 am – approx. 17:00 pm       three contests in alternating order


Saturday 30  March 2019    Chorus Contests (female, male)

11:00 am – approx. 17:00 pm       two contests in alternating order


Contest Rules

Applicable rules of contest you can find in the  Holland Harmony Conventie 2019 Reglement.



Timetable and line up

For indicative timetable and line up click here.


Awards, Challenge cups and Trophy’s

For an overview of all awards, challenge cups and trophy’s click here.



Judging scores are divided into three categories:  “Music”, “Singing” and “Performance”. We have two complete jury panels in the Holland Harmony Competitie 2019, all BHS qualified judges, so six judges in total. We proudly present the 2019 jury:

Music Steve Tramack

Steve Armstrong

Singing David Mills

Richard Lewellen

Performance Marty Lovick

Steve Curulla


Contest songs and the information to be provided

In the contest you need to perform two contestable songs. What exactly is meant by ‘contestable’ you can read in the earlier mentioned contest rules. Also make sure that your songs are properly legalized for your chorus or quartet. Failure to proof proper legalization will lead to disqualification.

Deadline for submission of contest songs

Deadline for submission of the two contest songs is 24 February 2019. You can find a special form to submit here.

Required information

On the form you need to fill out: song titles, arrangers, way of legalization, whether it is a ballad or an uptune, desired background color per song and the order of appearance of the songs.

The order of appearance of the songs is important for the film crew. The performance of a ballad is most of the time more justified in close up views, while an uptune is better captured in a picture of the total group.

In 2019 it will be the first time for us to work with a background that can be altered in color. Contestants are able to pick the desired colors and layout, preferably chosen to intensify the feeling appropriate to the song. One setting can be chosen per song, no changes during the song. The order of appearance is important to program the light plan in advance. More info on the colors of the background, click here.

Use of props a.s.o.

On stage you are free to use all kinds of props, with the exception of sound amplifying parts of course. Only one rule applies, please leave the stage in the same good condition as it was when you got on stage.

Any other specialties we need to know? Please indicate them as clearly as possible on the form. Any doubts or questions, just mail !


Masters of Ceremony

Information will follow soon.


Timetable for contestants and show guests

Information will follow soon



All winners – gold, silver and bronze medallist – will be in the evening show that very same day.

So all quartet winners will feature in the Friday Evening show “Fantabulouzzz!”

All chorus winners will feature in the Saturday Evening show “Colors of Music”


Timetable evaluation/coaching

Information will follow soon


A scout will help you as a group by taking care of all the things that need to be taken care of during the weekend with respect to getting the right information and managing the chorus or quartet throughout the weekend in a relaxed way.  Make sure you get your scout a visitors pass (passe-partout (€ 90,-)), so he/she can go anywhere necessary.

Our show guests will get their personal host/hostess assigned per chorus/quartet for these issues.


In case you have any questions about the competition, don’t hesitate to ask using this contact form.