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FAQ – An answer to all your questions


Location, date, time, parking etc.

  1. Where and when is Festival Sing! 2023?
    The Festival will be held at Theatre Orpheus in Apeldoorn on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 March 2023
  1. What is the address of Orpheus Apeldoorn
    The address is: Churchillplein 1, 7314 BZ Apeldoorn
  1. Where can I park close to the theatre?
    You can park close to the theatre at two places:
    Orpheus parking garage
    420 spaces, two minute walk
    Soerenseweg 10, Apeldoorn (7314 CD)
    Parking garage Museum Centrum
    700 spaces, five-minute walk
    Roggestraat 133, Apeldoorn (7311 CC)
    You can also park your car nearby for free:!Apeldoorn 
  1. Parking exit tickets
    The exit cards that you can order/have ordered in advance are valid in parking garage Orpheus as well as in parking garage Museum Centrum. Unused parking tickets cannot be returned.
  1. Can I drive in and out of the car park more than once a day with the same exit ticket?
    No, you can only drive in and out once. After that, the card is no longer valid. If you want to drive back and forth to your hotel several times a day, it is better to buy a separate parking ticket each time.
  1. Can I use public transport from my hotel to the Theatre?
    The Holland Harmony/Festival website lists some options but you will have to look at the options from your hotel yourself. 

Opening hours of the venue & starting times of the event

  1. What time does the theatre open on Friday?
    The theatre opens at 8 am. The info desk will also be open and groups can go to their warm-up rooms.
  1. What time does the theatre open on Saturday?
    The theatre opens at 8 am. The info desk will also be open and groups can go to their warm-up rooms.
  1. What time does the Friday competition for quartets start?
    The opening is at 9.45 am by the chairman of Holland Harmony and the Festival Manager. The mic warmer starts at 10 am.
  1. What time does the quartet final start on Friday?
    The finals will start at 7.30pm and end at 10pm.
  1. What time does the choir competition start on Saturday?
    The choir competition will be opened by the Master of Ceremony at 9.45 am.
    The mic warmer starts at 10 am.
  1. What time does the choir competition end on Saturday?
    The choir competition including the results will end around 3.30 pm.
    After the competition ends, there will be a coaching ‘under glass’ on Saturday afternoon. One quartet and one choir will be invited by the judges to get a coaching.
  1. What time does the Saturday night show start?
    The Saturday night show starts at 7.30 pm and runs until 9.45 pm.
  1. What time is lunch?
    On Friday, lunch is scheduled between 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm.
    On Saturday, lunch is scheduled between 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm.
  1. What time is dinner?
    On Friday, dinner is scheduled between 5.30 pm and 7 pm
    On Saturday, dinner is scheduled between 5.30 pm and 7 pm

Badges, information, warm up rooms, dressing rooms

  1. Where do we collect our badges, pins, etc.?
    For each participating group (quartet or choir), an envelope will be available at the Festival information desk (Orpheus West entrance). This will be given to the group’s contact person, or to whoever comes first to collect the envelope. The info desk is open on Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 5 minutes before the start of the final or show.
  1. I will arrive at the theatre before the rest of my group. Can I get my badge already from the information desk?
    The first person to arrive at the information desk will be given EVERYTHING for the whole group and is therefore responsible for providing it to the rest of the group. At the information desk, we will note the mobile number of the person who collects everything for the group in question, so that others of the group can contact them.
  1. When do we find out which warm up room is allocated to us and from what time can we enter said room?
    Each group will be assigned a room. You will find Information about the room in the envelope you collect at the information desk. The room will be available to the group for approximately 2 hours in total. About 1.5 to 2 hours before stage time and, if possible, about 15 minutes after stage time.
  1. Can we change in our warm up room and can we leave our belongings there?
    The room is available to the group for a maximum of 2 hours. We recommend you to use the time effectively for singing/focusing etc. Changing, putting on make up, etc. is best done in the dressing rooms provided for that purpose. (see floor plan for locations). There are mirrors and coat racks. You can leave your clothes there all day if you wish to.
    However, we advise everyone to drop any valuables off at the cloakroom.
    Please do not leave any belongings in the warm up room! In most cases, you will not return there, as the room will be used by the next choir/quartet immediately after your group.
  1. Should I bring my own keycord when I already have one?
    You may, but you do not have to. There are plenty of new keycords ready for those who did not bring one.
    We do ask you to return your keycord to us after the Festival.
  1. Do we need to register our first-timers?
    Choirs and quartets have already been asked to answer an e-mail about their first timers or ‘newbees’. If you haven’t already done so, please send an email about this before 1 March to


  1. Can fans come and listen?
    Of course they can! We would be delighted to have them! Everyone is welcome on Friday daytime, Friday evening, Saturday daytime and Saturday evening, upon presentation of a ticket for the relevant part of the day.
  1. Where can they buy their tickets?
    Tickets can be purchased in advance via the Holland Harmony website. Choose your ticket and pay digitally. The confirmation email must be shown (on a mobile phone or printed) at the Festival info desk (Entrance West of Orpheus Apeldoorn), after which a ticket will be handed out.
    Tickets can also still be bought at the Festival info desk at the theatre entrance.
    The ticket can only be ordered digitally or paid by debit card. We do not work with cash. 

Quartet competition

  1. Who can get quartet finals?
    The scores of the daytime quartet competition determine the ‘top 5’ of the quartet competition. The 5 best scoring quartets from the Holland Harmony competition as well as the 5 best scoring quartets from the International competition will enter the final in the evening to compete for the gold, silver and bronze medals.
  1. When will the result of the quartet competition be announced?
    The results, ranking and scores of all quartets will be announced after the quartet finals.

Chorus competition

  1. Will there be curtains on stage?
    No curtains will be used in the quartet competition and final. The quartets will walk on stage from the wings. Judging will begin when the first quartet member appears.
    In the chorus competition, curtains will be used. The chorus can line up behind the curtains first. When the conductor signals to the stage manager that the chorus is ready, the choir will be announced, the curtains will open and judging starts from that moment.
  1. From which side do we enter and leave the stage?
    Chorus and quartets enter from the right (seen from the audience) and leave the stage on the left hand side.
  1. How many risers are on stage?
    There are 10 (4 step) risers on stage. Most choirs use 3 step risers, so be aware that the risers on stage have one row extra. There are back-rails for security and the risers are neatly finished with voile cloths, which are lighted.
  1. How much space is there in front of the risers?
    The two corners of the risers are 4.5 metres away from the stage edge. This gives you 3.5 to 4 metres in front of the risers. The middle riser is almost 8 metres away from the stage edge! Note that there are microphones and monitors just in front of the stage edge!

Lunches / dinners / consumptions / prices

  1. Do I need to make reservations for lunch and/or dinner?
    If you want to eat in the restaurant and use the buffet (both at lunch and dinner), you need to make reservations and pay in advance. This can be done via the Holland Harmony/Festival website, which also has more information on what they offer. Participants order via Registration form part 2, other guests and visitors (or if you wish to make a reservation after the closing date of registration part 2) can order via Dinner-lunch order form.
  1. What are the costs of lunch?
    Lunch in the theatre’s restaurant: €19.50. (Book and pay in advance).
    You can buy to-go lunch at the theatre
    at various prices. To-go lunch can be consumed in the theatre.
    You can have lunch outside the theatre in town (about a 10-minute walk to the city centre).
  1. What does dinner cost?
    You can dine in the theatre’s restaurant: €25.50. You need to book and pay for that in advance.
    You can buy a to-go dinner at the theatre 
    at various prices. To-go dinner can be consumed in the theatre.
    You can dine outside the theatre in the city (about a 10-minute walk to the city centre).
  1. Can I bring my own lunch or dinner and eat it in the theatre?
    Unfortunately, this is not allowed.
  1. Can we sit together with a large group/the whole choir during lunch/dinner in the restaurant?
    This depends on how busy it is at any given time. No seats can be reserved. There are larger/longer tables, and smaller settings.
  1. How do I pay my drinks at the theatre?
    Coffee/tea, soft drinks, beer and wine are available. Payment is by bank card/contactless only.
  1. Do you have to buy consumption vouchers in advance?
    No, everything will be paid by bank card/contactless. The organisation uses tokens for guests and special moments, but these are not for sale for participants or guests.
  1. Are snacks available in the theatre?
    Yes, sweet and savoury snacks are available at the bar, in the evening, there’s an option to order some deep fried snacks.
  1. Can guests/fans also use the buffet?
    Yes, but buffet lunches and dinners must be booked and paid for in advance.
    Visitors can make reservations here: Dinner-lunch order form.


  1. I have to cancel last minute, will I get a refund?
    No, we do not issue refunds. It is best to take out cancellation insurance to recover hotel, participation and accommodation costs in case of emergencies.
  1. Can we change the number of choir members after registration closes?
    Yes, you can: you are allowed to add members until 1 March. Of course, this will then require payment of the registration fee. Cancelling members on stage during the Festival is also allowed, but no refunds will be given for this.
  1. Do we have to register our md?
    Yes, all people on stage must be registered, including the conductor!


  1. What is a scout?
    A scout is someone who is asked by the choir or quartet to be jack of all trades on the day of the competition. The scout is allowed to go to the briefing/stage exploration, makes sure that the choir/quartet is in the warm up room on time, finishes their preparation on time, maybe stores/monitors their belongings during performance, provides them with a pep talk where needed etc.
    The scout is not a member of the choir and does not pay any registration fee, they do pay the cost of a passe-partout or ticket for the day they attend.
  1. What is a courier?
    A courier is someone who, on behalf of the organisation of the Festival, guides choirs and quartets from their warm up rooms to the stage. The courier knocks on the door 5 minutes before leaving the warm up room to indicate that the choir/quartet should be ready to make their way to the stage.
  1. What is a marshal?
    A marshall is someone who stands at the entrance doors of the theatre to let the people enter or exit the auditorium. The marshall checks tickets and ensures that the doors are closed in time when the Master of Ceremony indicates that the next contestant is ready to perform. The marshal will ensure that no people enter or leave the auditorium during a performance. Leaving and entering the auditorium is only  allowed between performances and during breaks.
  1. What is a mw?
    Mic-warmer: the choir or quartet that sings two songs before the competition officially starts in order to give the jury the opportunity to check whether they are seated properly, whether they can see and hear everything properly, and can tune in together whether they are on the same level of assessment. A mw will be judged, but can not win any prizes.
    Between the mic warmer’s two songs and possibly after the mic warmer’s performance, consultation with e.g. technique may be needed to fine tune the sound.
  1. What is a mc?
    Mic-cooler: the choir or quartet that sings a few songs after the competition has ended. They will not be judged. The mic cooler is often the guest of the weekend, and is not bound to sing 2 songs. They may sing more songs.
  1. What is an MoC?
    Master of Ceremony: the person who presents the competition or show. The presentation of the competition should be done neutrally, such that all choirs or quartets get the same kind of introduction. The presentation of a show is often with jokes and amusing anecdotes, and the announcements of the choirs and quartets are allowed to include words of praise, talk about highlights, etc.
  1. What is a CoJ?
    Chairman of Judges. The judges will sit in a row in front of the stage. The chairman collects the score forms from the judges and takes them to the administration desk. The admin team immediately puts the scores into software. From the start of the competition, the CoJ is responsible for the conduct and results of the competition. Especially when something unexpected happens, such as changes in the order of appearance, calamities, the CoJ decides how to proceed.

Judges / qualification BHS

  1. What does a judging panel look like?
    In barbershop, there are 3 categories that groups are judged on:
    – Singing
    – Music
    – Performance.
    There will be 2 judges for each category during Festival Sing!2023. These are certified judges from the Barbershop Harmony Society from America. Interested to learn who is on the panel? 
  1. Can my quartet/our choir qualify to go to a BHS International convention in America.
    Yes. Your group will be judged by a double BHS panel, qualification is possible.
    A choir must score a minimum percentage during our festival competitions. See the Contest Rules on the website for more detailed information.
    A quartet must sing a minimum of 4 different songs, in two separate performances.
    A quartet needs to meet an average percentage to qualify. See the Contest Rules on the website for more detailed information.
    Holland Harmony is affiliated with BHS and therefore, Holland Harmony groups can qualify.
    Whether the same applies to other international organisations depends on the agreement they have with BHS. Please consult the board of your own barbershop organisation for this.
  1. Are there any power coachings or feedback by the judges?
    There are no power coachings, but there will be two coachings under glass on Saturday afternoon after the contest ends. We are discussing with the judges whether there will be other ways to get feedback on your scores.
  1. Why do quartets sing only 2 songs but have to learn 3 (or 4 songs)?
    In the competition, a quartet sings 2 songs. If they are lucky enough to enter the finals in the evening, they have to sing 2 songs, one of those has to be a new song. One may be repeated from the previous performance. If a quartet wants to qualify for BHS, the quartet must sing 2 new songs in the final. If a quartet wishes to qualify for BHS cannot enter the final, but has achieved the required percentage over the first 2 songs, the quartet will be invited into the final as a mic warmer to sing their 2 other songs in front of the judges.


  1. What is a coaching underglass?
    A quartet or choir is coached while audience members watch and listen, from which the audience members can also learn a lot. On Saturday afternoon, after the end of the choir competition, one quartet and one choir will be invited to be coached by the judges, where audience members are allowed to be present.
  1. What does the audience prize entail?
    Audiences on Friday (during the day) can cast one vote via the app for the quartet that stole their heart, for whatever reason.
    In the evening, the audience’s favourite quartet will be announced.
    Audiences on Saturday (during the day) can cast one vote via the app for the choir that stole their heart, for whatever reason.
    The audience’s favourite choir will be announced after the end of the choir competition.
    The audience winners will get a spot in the Saturday night show, unless they have also won the gold medal (then there will be one performance only from them).
  1. What does the Saturday night show look like?
    The gold medallists perform (2 quartets and 1 choir), the audience winners perform (1 quartet and 1 choir), 3 befriended choirs perform and special guest Midtown performs.
  1. Do we need to sing (contestable) barbershop songs in the show?
    The winners and guests that get a spot in the show may sing whatever they want, within the time allowed.
    We ask the audience winners to sing their competition package again, after all: that’s why the audience chose them, and not everyone has seen or heard it yet!
  1. Can we have an afterglow in the theatre?
    Yes, we can! After the competitions, finals and show ends, there is plenty of room and opportunity for an amazing afterglow in the large downstairs foyer of the theatre.
    Should you wish to organise an afterglow in your hotel, please bear in mind that guests other than barbershop singers may stay there! 
  1. Will there be a programme booklet?
    No, we do not have a printed programme, however, the programmes and other information can be found on the app HH Festival. Available via Appstore (Apple) and Google Playstore.
    Download the app at home if you can. The app will be ready for download from around 15 March.
  1. Will photos be taken?
    Yes, official photos will be taken during the competitions. The photos will be available for free download after the Festival via a link, yet to be announced. Photos may be used freely, please state the name of photographer Edith Kool when you do so.
    During the informal moments, such as afterglows and lunches etc, photos will be taken. These too can be freely downloaded and used after the event, stating the name of the photographer: Eric Ideler.
  1. Will audio and video recordings be made?
    Yes, RoPro’s technical staff will video record the performances. The videos will be uploaded to Holland Harmony’s YouTube Channel, after which they can be downloaded for personal use. For posting on your own YouTube channel (public) or your website: please enquire about copyright/legislation conditions etc.
  1. Where can I see the colours for the light background?
    On this page.
    You can request up to 2 colours per song.
  1. Can I still change the specified songs or the order in which we sing them?
    The songs and the correct order of performing them must be known to the festival management no later than 1 March, via the registration form part 2, or via an email to
    Changes may still be submitted to the CoJ up to two hours before the start of the competition. See competition regulations article 3d:
  1. I have signed up as a volunteer. What will be my job and where do I call in?
    Thank you so much for helping us out! You should have received an email with information about your task by now.
    If you haven’t heard anything yet, something may have gone wrong in the communication. Please email us via 
  1. Will there be first aid during the Festival?
    Theatre Orpheus, as required by law for events like ours, employs a number of staff who can help out if an emergency should occur.
    In case of an emergency: please call 112!