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Imposter Syndrome

Mixed kwartet uit Rotterdam

Lead: Brecht Wouters
Tenor: Madelon Dingemanse
Baritone: Liz Hofman
Bass: Jens Vanhoof

Contactpersoon: Madelon Dingemanse, madelon32@gmail.com of 06-24194461

Meer info:

2 Belgians, a Dutchie and a Kiwi walk into a bar. Sounds like the start of some lame joke, but this true story Leads to the four of them singing since June ’23. Setting the Bari pretty high, we hope to Tenor the tune when it’s all about the Bass.
Is it a choir?
Is it a quartet?
It’s Imposter Syndrome!

Madelon, Liz, Jens and Brecht