Mike Louque

Mike Louque has been a BHS member since 1987, and a certified judge since 2007 including multiple appointments to the Presentation and Performance boards of review.

As a quartet performer, Mike is a district champion with multiple appearances as an international semi-finalist, and he has also won international chorus gold and silver medals with the Alexandria Harmonizers. He is a co-founder and founding president of both Central Standard in Kansas City, and Fog City Singers in San Francisco and has been a primary coach for both groups in international medalist and top-10 appearances. He has since been an advisor to the launches of other groups that have quickly made appearances at BHS international competition.

In his “free” time, Mike produces music that has been played in clubs, festivals, and radio stations around the world.

Although certified in Performance, Mike is a generalist as a coach and is comfortable working with groups on a wide variety of skills in performance, musicianship, and singing. He has a particular passion for helping groups to be more entertaining by maximizing the impact of the story, music, and arrangement aspects of the songs they sing. He has judged BHS International multiple times and has taught in schools throughout the barbershop world including BHS Harmony University.

Mike is traveling to SING! ’25 with Bob, his husband of 32 years. They live in Kansas City, but try to see the rest of the world as often as possible.