Registration support page

This page is to support the contact persons of the participating choruses and quartets in completing the on-line registration.

screenshot 01

  • Enter the username and password which have been supplied to you.
    Copy the password exactly as it has been given to you!
    Note: if you make three wrong login attempts, the database will automatically be locked for editing. In that case you need to contact
    Press “Log In
  • You are now logged in.
    Note that you will be logged out automatically after a longer period of inactivity.

  • Start entering -one by one-  the names and dates of birth of all persons in your chorus/quartet, including the MD.
    Press “Add person” each time after entering a new name.
    Note that ‘preposition‘ is an extra part of your family name, which is most common in the Netherlands and Germany. Examples: Werner von Trier, Wendy van Dijk, Piet de Jong. Leave it empty if not applicable.
  • You can add as many persons as you like. All persons will be listed, sorted by family name.
    You can remove a person by selecting “remove name
  • You can also modify the name and add a special remark by selecting “modify name

screenshot 03

  • After selecting “Modify name” the person properties turn green and you can modify the fields ‘First name’, ‘Preposition’ and ‘Family name’.

screenshot 04

  • To save your changes select “Save” or else select “Cancel
  • Next step is to add the correct registration.
    Pick a person and select “View

screenshot 05

  • You can now start adding several elements to the selected person.

screenshot 06

  • Start by selecting the “Role” of the person. You can select from the following options:
        Baritone, Bass, Lead, Tenor or MD (musical director).
    Important: press “confirm (bevestig)” to save your selection.
  • Next select the type of “registration” of the person.
    You can select from two options: ‘Participant  – € 115‘ or ‘€ 0′
    Important: press “confirm (bevestig)” to save your selection. Note that everyone singing on stage during the contest and shows (including MD, mike warmer and mike cooler) has to pay the registration fee of € 115 !
    All registered persons will have free access to all contests and shows by showing their registration badge.Your chorus/quartet might have a scout who accompanies the chorus/quartet through the contest. Since the scout will NOT be on stage in that contest, he/she will not be registered here. The scout needs to purchase its own tickets (passe-partout or single tickets). See the links on the convention webpage.
  • Next step is to add (optional) information about the person.
    It might be that the person is competing in another chorus/quartet. We need to know that to avoid “double registration fee’s”. If that is the case, you need to make sure that this name is registered on both the chorus list and the quartet list. This can be notified here to avoid that such a person has to pay the registration fee twice.
    If this is applicable: first select the other chorus/quartet, than select the role, and finally press “Add

screenshot 07

  • The result is shown below. If you make a mistake, just remove the name and add the right choices again.

screenshot 08

  • Now your are finished with this person.
    => Go to the next person!
  • During editing you can click the “Overview” link to get an overview of all persons and your choices. Click the “Administration” link to go back to the edit screen.

screenshot 09

  • See next example of the overview

screenshot 10

  • Did you notice that the last person on the list (Manfred Mann) has no role and no registration? That means you forgot to add the role and registration to Manfred.
    So please go back to the Administration view, select Manfred and add his role & registration.
  • Please note:
    => Your choices will be saved automatically!
    => So there is no need to submit the data.
    => All data is already stored on our server.
  • Once you have finished your work, you should “logout“If you close your browser without proper logging off, you might be locked out next time. So please always logout when you are finished.

screenshot 11


Please note:
You can come back to your data at any time by logging in again.
Until October 15, 2018 you can make as many changes as you like.
Shortly after October 15, the data will be frozen and be used as the basis for the invoice you will receive some weeks later.
Once the data is frozen you can still log in and check your data.
If you would like to add more registrations or modify them once the data on the website has been frozen, you should mail to
Payment is due by November 1.

Please, first try to enter some data and see whether you understand the registration website. It is rather straightforward once you try it. If you still need support please mail your question to: