Holland Harmony is eigenaar van een fraaie riser set. Onder voorwaarden kunnen bij Holland Harmony aangesloten koren deze set huren, mits ze gebruikt worden in De Luisterpost. Voor meer informatie daarover kun je contact opnemen met de penningmeester.


The risers being used during the convention are: Wenger Tourmaster 4-step Risers with backrails.
We will use 10 units of 1.2 meter wide, as shown in the picture.

 each 4-step unit can hold 11 persons (2 on row 1, 3 on row 2, 3 on row 3 and 3 on row 4). So total capacity of these units is 110 persons (excluding ~20 persons in the front row before the risers)

 space occupied by the full set of risers: width 11.4 m, depth 4.4 m. On stage you need some additional depth (~3-4 meter) before the risers for the front row movements and the MD.
In case you use fewer units, please check this riser floor plan
 more details:
how to setup the risers (owners manual in PDF)
how to setup the risers (youtube clip)
Please don’t bring food or drinks on the risers. This set-up is very expensive. Just for your awareness: the price of this full set was almost 20 thousand euro’s …