Hallmark of Harmony

Male chorus from UK, Sheffield

featuring in

Friday Show “Fantabulouzzz!”
Chorus Contest on Saturday as Mic warmer
Saturday Show “Colors of Music”

Key facts

Number of members:      60+
MD:                                     Tim Briggs
Representing:                   BABS (British Association of Barbershop Singers)


Gold Medallist: 1986, 1989, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000 and 2014
Silver Medallist: 1983, 1984, 1988, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2013 and 2017
Bronze Medallist: 1985 and 2012

Grand facts

  • Formed in 1978, we are 40 in 2018. We celebrated this with a Big Show on November 3rd Many happy sounds coming from there!
  • Our chosen charity is the St Luke’s Hospice and each year on Christmas Day we sing to the residence there and handover a cheque for the money raised during the year.
  • Many of our members support the local council Music Hub providing support and coaching at events to encourage young people to sing.

Tim is constantly stretching the chorus and likes us to experiment beyond Barbershop. In 2017 Tim actively encouraged Hallmark and our sister organisation Sheffield Harmony to sing an arrangement of Simon and Garfunkel’s America with 8 parts in a well received concert that also included an arrangement of Bridge over Troubled Water with up to 13 part in it.

Please find attached some pictures. The first taken at convention in 2017 where we were awarded silver and another demonstrating that we will leave no stone unturned in our quest for the best in Barbershop!

Recent events

[20 November 2018]

“Hallmark of Harmony have just delivered a very successful, and satisfying Fortieth Anniversary Show. We are proud to have achieved much success over four decades, in our particular field of singing.

40th Anniversary

Having stood the test of time, we are conscious that this success has been built upon layers over the many years, and should set us up nicely for the next ten years! Success has been fostered by successive members and dedicated leadership, and our current Chairman and Directors are testimony to this continuity. In this  exciting era of many musical genres receiving exposure, and vying for membership and audiences to share this with, we maintain  a desire to give, to learn, but certainly not to stand still. The internal stewardship  and coaching within the Club, has promoted  members to enjoy this hobby, and harness  additional skills to confidently export this enthusiasm into partnerships with neighbouring  musical organisations.

Our project ‘Horizon’

This landmark year of 2018 for Hallmark of Harmony, has seen us  act upon the brave, albeit difficult decision made in 2016, and as part of our ‘vision’, to take a year out  from our traditional inclusion at the annual National Convention.  This ‘breathing space’ has enabled us to be provide inclusivity for more of our Chorus membership. It has provided  increased weekend rehearsals as part of our project ‘Horizon’. This accessibility has meant learning new arrangements and techniques, and resulted in  performances at numerous events, with alternative experiences for the Chorus membership.

Benefits of healthy bonds in music and singing

The efforts to realise what proved to be an exceptional  Anniversary Show justified this, but  we also achieved so much more in addition. This year, we have continued in supporting our local charities, particularly St Luke’s Hospice, with whom we have continued links for most of our forty years. It has been a privilege to build upon the support work with youth groups. It has been a pleasure to share with senior Women’s Barbershop Chorus’, an Internationally acclaimed Men’s Quartet, and with International singing coaches.  We are witnessing the benefits of these healthy bonds in music and singing generally. More information can be seen on our website.

Holland Harmony Convention 2019

Unfamiliar ground to us, is the exciting invitation to perform at Holland Harmony 2019. Both an honour, and an opportunity to showcase the diverse material that we have invested our time in, throughout this year. We are so much looking forward to it. Our new Chorus members that we have recruited in our Learn To Sing courses, and by attraction from our performances over the past two years,  are eagerly looking ahead to this experience, and to take it forward into 2019. Hallmark of Harmony members are keen to learn, to give, and enjoy.”

Yours in harmony!

Hallmark of Harmony

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Hallmark of Harmony komt waarschijnlijk met ca. 40 mannen.