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Backdrop lighting competitions

Backdrop lighting competitions

Light as a backdrop
In the competitions and shows during Sing! 2023 we will work with background light instead of a fixed decor. Each quartet and chorus can indicate which color of light they want for which song. One basic color can be chosen, and if desired one more accent color.

What choices are there?
You can choose from the colors listed below, e.g. yellow, red, green, blue, pink, purple; then set any accent tone/accent color.
An accent tone can be any other color you want, the technique determines the placement of those accent colors, also depending on the placement of the LED lights.

You can choose from the diagram below.

ote that colors are never exactly as they come here on your screen or on paper. So handle the color choice as color direction and mood, do not try to find an exact match with e.g. your clothes.

Examples on video

This is a video with examples (2019) , but you can also look at the photos from the 2019 convention

For the choruses, LED lights illuminate the voiles draped as backcloth and side cloths. LED strips under the steps of the risers further enhance the main color. The steps will be skirted translucently. It will be an ultimate play between front light and background colors. Rogier Trok’s technical crew provides the utmost care for the optimal setting.

For the quartets, the voiles will hang slightly forward. The lighting and color choices for quartets are otherwise the same as for choruses.

Where and how to submit?
You can pass on the color choices with the registration form part 2.
Put the color you want behind the song, preferably by mentioning the number from the list above. If desired, you can add any accent color you want after the first color that is used as the main color.
If you want more information or questions to the organization: please send an email to so we can discuss specific wishes with the technique.
After the registration deadline of part 2 you can also send an email about the order of the songs and the light, until March 1 at the latest.

See the light at the stage exploration
Quartets can explore the stage on Friday at 08:30, choruses on Saturday at 08:30.
This is a group event of up to 15 minutes, during which one delegate from each chorus/quartet can briefly stand on stage, see where you get on and off the stage, etc.
During this stage exploration, the set colours will be shown in general. In it, you can see the colours you indicated passing by. If you want to change anything as a result of this, you can come to the technician (middle of the room) immediately after the stage exploration.