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Sing! 2023 –
The draw for the order of competition has taken place!

The draw for the order of competition: published 13-01-2023

The draw for the order of competition has taken place! Participation in multiple choruses and/or quartets has been taken into account as much as possible.

Two weeks to switch places
You have two weeks to switch places with another group, counting from the moment we publish this order. If you wish to switch places, you need to contact said group yourselves. Please be aware that switching places is only possible if both parties agree.
We would like to receive an email that states who you will switch places with:

Order quartet competition – 24 maart 2023

1Chord Cracker
2Around the Bar
3Road Trip
7Game On!
8Back on Track
9Hot Ticket
11Tune In
13Mrs. Jones
14Fruity Island Boys
mcSalt & Pepper
20Hidden Agenda
21About Time
22Barberlicious Quartet
25Detour Quartet
26Yorkshire Blend
27Project X
28Lady Barbalade
29Instant Fanboys
30Guys & Dolls

Order chorus competition – 25 maart 2023

MWNo Borders Show Chorus
1Southern Comfort Barber Gals
2Mainport Barbershop Singers
3Amstel River Singers
4Miracle Sound
5The New Land Singers
6Dutch Pride
7Between Two Rivers
8New Harvest Singers
10Valley Voices Vocal group
11Route Sixteen
12Building Bridges Chorus
13Lake District Sound
14The Skyline Sisters
15Mixed Nuts
16Sound Waves