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Join the Barbershop Festival 2021 in the Netherlands and Sing!

We are very excited to announce that the 2021 Holland Harmony Barbershop Singing Festival (formerly known as Holland Harmony convention), now includes an international competition for choruses and quartets, male/female/mixed, without a need to qualify.
We like to invite all barber shoppers around the world to this three-day Barbershop event in Eindhoven in the beautiful southern part of the Netherlands. Meet old friends, make new ones, perform for a top-notch BHS jury, enjoy great shows and sing along in afterglows.

The festival venue is a one-in-a-million and includes hotel rooms, restaurants, all rehearsal rooms, the stage, bars and coffee corners all under one roof.

Come join us at the NH Hotel de Koningshof in Eindhoven,

5-7 February 2021

Timetable at a glance

A full timetable will be published as soon as details are finalised

International competition : everyone can join!

The Sing! Festival includes a national and an international competition. Please note that this is not the European Convention: choruses or quartets don’t need to qualify. This is an excellent opportunity to sing in front of a BHS jury. And this gives your ensemble the chance to qualify for participating in the BHS competition in 2022, which now also will be open for female and mixed ensembles. Choruses can have a power coaching by one of the judges, on either Saturday or Sunday. Exactly when, depends on the number of participants.

The venue: Hotel NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof

The Festival venue is Hotel NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof. Eindhoven is a city in de south of the Netherlands, one hour and a half hour drive from the capital Amsterdam.

The venue suits the Festival very well because it offers all requirements for a great barbershop weekend under one roof: a theatre for shows and contests, rehearsal rooms that can be rented at a fair price, hotel rooms and several restaurants. Lunch and dinner vouchers can be ordered up front. This will ensure you are back in time for competition or shows (unless you must perform on stage). You can book your stay, order meals and register at the same time.

Cost of registration

Participants:                                          € 120, – (anyone under 30 has a 50% discount)

Passe-partout (visitors):                         € 85, –

Cost of stay at the Conference Centre Koningshof

Double room, occupancy two persons  € 100 per room per night, including breakfast and bathroom with shower and toilet en suite.

Lunch voucher:                      € 20 per person per day, available on Friday and Saturday

Dinner voucher                       € 27 per person per day, available on Friday and Saturday

Sign up

To register, please email us at prior to 31st August, 2020

For now, we will only need the chorus or quartet name, the contact person with email address and the probable number of people joining (when you participate as a chorus).

Later in the year, you will receive our request to fill out a form with detailed informations. People joining you, not being a member of the chorus or quartet, can also be entered on the form. The form will also include directions for payment.

Contest order

The official draw for the order of appearance will be done by the chair of Holland Harmony. The order of appearance will be entered on the website in due time.


We have secured 6 BHS-qualified judges:

Performance Judy Poszgay
Shawn Mondragon
MusicPatrick McAlexander
Cary Burns
Singing Matthew Fellows
Andrew Rembecki


Please address any questions concerning the competition to Anne Loes Gordijn:

For more info concerning registration and payment, please contact Merijn van den Hout:

The Festival Team

Rob Veltman: voorzitter Festivalteam “For the second time around,  I’m privileged to lead the team that organizes the festival (former: convention). We are six people who are very motivated to make Sing! 2021 to a resounding success. It’s wonderful that there are still such great people within Holland Harmony who are able and willing to do such an elaborate job. I am therefore very proud of this team! The theme of our festival “Sing!” really appeals to me, because at the core it is what connects us all within Holland Harmony and more generally within the barbershop world. Singing is what it’s all about, whether it’s during the competition or during the many fun events during this weekend.
I’m not only a manager: I am participating too. At T-SiNG! in Tilburg, I became enthusiastic about their ambitious approach to barbershop singing. It’s great to keep working together to get to the next level, almost like professionals.
With Festival Sing! in 2021 we also hope to “lure” people from outside the barbershop world into our music. During the weekend I will also enjoy meetings with colleagues and friends with whom I share this fantastic hobby. A new feature, this year, is that we can also welcome participants from other countries. It is nice to hear and experience how barbershop singing is experienced in other countries. That enriches our own barbershop horizon. And last but definitely not least: the youth choir is the future of barbershop singing. We give them a special place to make it clear that barbershop is for and of all ages.
I wish everyone a great Festival! Enjoy singing and enjoy each other.

Thea van Bergen:  shows- and entertainment ” Sing! Sing! Yeah….sing! Singing…..thát is my life from my first words…..and I am still singing in my chorus and with my sisters in a (non-barbershop) quartet.  My slogan is: a day without singing, is a day not living! 
I am pleased to see ánd hear so many people having fun with singing in a group, a chorus or a quartet, also in our barbershop organisation Holland Harmony. I am thrilled to be able to sing in our own festival in 2021  and therefor very pleased to help organising this Festival 2021 again.
I truely hope to meet you all there! Let’s meet, have fun, compete and sing 3 days long!”

Louis Smits : facility en techniek tijdens Sing! 2021. “Een leuke en spannende klus om te doen met alle voorbereidingen die er gedaan moeten worden. Ik woon is ’s-Hertogenbosch en begon al met zingen in 1995 bij de Duketown Barbershop Singers. Daarna in diverse kwartetten en sinds 2015 bij het Tilburgse mannenkoor T-SiNG!. Ik vind het heerlijk om tenor te zingen en doe er veel voor. Wij doen ons uiterste best om het festival voor iedereen aantrekkelijk te maken. Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal een prachtig weekend gaan meemaken en daarvoor een goede voorbereiding zullen hebben.”   

Anne Loes Gordijn: Chairman of judges “Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anne Loes and the official title this weekend is chairman of judges. This means that I’m responsible for the entire competition and all members of the jury, during these 3 great barbershop days. It’s quite a job and my organizational skills are tested to the max not to mention any ad-hoc events or mishaps that may need responding to, during the competition. But that’s fine as I’ll do everything needed to make all of us have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful and fair competition. I’ve been singing barbershop for some 28 years now and have been a baritone always. I just love the semitones and always look for the harmony, both in- and outside of singing. I wish you all loads of success and a passionate, fascinating and beautiful weekend in these new “roaring twenties”

Merijn van den Hout: financiën “Hi, my name is Merijn van den Hout. I discovered the barbershop style of singing 5 years ago, and have loved it ever since. I especially enjoy the singing of tags, which I think is a very typical barbershop thing. It can easily bring together people from all over the world, as they will always know some shared tags. It is also perfect for singing with friends and family who would ordinarily not sing on their own, I would encourage everyone to try this and bring more great music to the world!
I’m happy to contribute to the great event that will be the Sing festival of 2021. I will be there competing with my chorus, T-SiNG!. And I will enjoy myself by listening to all the other amazing people that will come to sing and have fun!”

Maria Driessen: Communication “This is a challenge for a, slightly chaotic, communication designer like me: make sure everyone in the barbershop world and beyond knows all about our fantastic event and (this is the tricky part) that every participant is wel informed of all the details. Besides this job I will of course go and sing along as a baritone in my chorus the Southern Comfort Barber Gals. See you at Sing! 2021 “