Stef Schmidt (she/her)

Stef is a certified BinG! Coach and the first European BHS Performance Judge. She is a quartet singer and chorus director.

Outside of barbershop, she has acted and directed theater groups, as well as danced and choreographed jazz dance. Stef has a deep passion for all aspects of human communication and brings to her coaching sessions a full tool box of natural communication techniques, focusing on how ensembles can apply them for a more engaging performance. Being very left-brained (the risk of being a mathematician, a nerd and German), Stef loves working with singers who are NOT natural performers, helping them to find ways to bring the song to life authentically – without feeling weird. The most compelling performances are those where the performers have an important message to share.

Stef’s goal is to help performers uncover their own important message in their song so that they can bring their most authentic self to their performance.